Elder Scrolls Online Free Week

If you have been looking to try out Elder Scrolls Online, they are having a free play week. Starting today (April 11) you will have access to the entire game plus 500 crowns to spend for free. You can carry over your free character and progress into a paid subscription as well.  The event ends April 18th, after that you will need to pay to play.




NVIDIA just announced it’s latest video card. The Titan Xp. Faster clocks, faster memory and more cores than last year’s Titan. At $1200 it’s probably out of the price range of most gamers. However, if you’ve got cash to burn and need those extra frames per second this is the card to get.


Rocket League Fate Of The Furious

If you are a fan of the move franchise “The Fast and the Furious” or a fan of Rocket League (or both),  there is some new DLC coming soon. The “Fate of the Furious” downloadable content will be available April 4th for $1.99. It includes Dom’s Dodge Charger, plus several cosmetic items. Check out the trailer.